Microplastics make marine worms sick

Tiny bits of plastic rubbish could spell big trouble for marine life, starting with the worms, say a team of researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth University who report their evidence in a pair of studies in the Cell Press journal Current Biology.

Rising CO2 Levels: Not a toothless threat

Rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are having a catastrophic effect on microscopic marine life, according to top marine scientists at the University of St Andrews.

Biomedical technique images marine worm

Scientists have for the first time successfully imaged the internal tissues of a soft bodied marine worm at high resolution using a technique borrowed from biomedical science.

Marine algae and while diversity

A new paper by researchers shows a strong link between the diversity of organisms at the bottom of the food chain and the diversity of mammals at the top.

Marine microbe is source of rare nutrient

A new study of microscopic marine microbes, called phytoplankton, has solved a ten-year-old mystery about the source of an essential nutrient in the ocean.

New salmon peptone – sustainable marine resources used in the production of high-value biotech products

A project has successfully examined the commercial viability of the use of marine derived peptones in the production of high value products through fermentation processes.





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