LIMS offers manufacturers workflow efficiency benefits and quantifiable savings

Two Fold Software develops specialist Laboratory Information Management System application software that offers manufacturers work flow efficiencies and quantifiable business benefits

Manufacturers and retailers drive global innovations in packaging

A global project on packaging sustainability is entering its pilot phase, as manufacturers focus on greater innovation. Sean Ottewell reports.

Manufacturers and regulators must learn from listeriosis mistakes

Following a listeriosis outbreak in Canada last year in which 22 people died, an official report calls for safety to be considered in an overall context that includes processing equipment suppliers, food manufacturers, and government regulators.

Manufacturers show increasing concern for our wellbeing

While the main interest of the food ingredient industry is, naturally, in improving their businesses, there is a great social benefit in a population that looks after its own general health, which must take a considerable workload off its national health system.

Manufacturers must continually refine equipment to retain loyalty

The feature that characterises major manufacturers of food equipment is the range of options available to bolt onto a basic platform. Driven by the increasing fickleness of today's customer, and increasingly competitive markets, most food products have to be continually refined to retain consumer loyalty. Eric Russell reports.





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