Rentschler to manufacture Faron product Traumakine

Traumakine is meant to prevent vascular leakage in patients with acute lung injuries

Real time process control for food manufacture

Real time process control for food manufacture has come a significant step closer, thanks to pioneering research work into viscosity measurement techniques for characterising the flow and mixability of highly non-Newtonian fluids.

Manufacture of high purity inorganic compounds

High purity inorganic salts are used in many different production units and institutions such as aerospace, electronics, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in the automobile and optical industries, to give some examples.

A new method for the manufacture of powdered cell culture media

Due to the continuing growth of the biopharmaceutical industry, in recent years, there is an increasing demand for large volumes of both powdered and liquid media for production purposes. Alan Baines reports on a new method to manufacture a powdered cell culture media which overcomes many of the disadvantages of previous methods.

Competitive advantages in turbomachinery design and manufacture

Fraunhofer launches a cluster of innovation for resource efficiency in energy and mobility




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