Surface bacteria maintain skin's healthy balance

Research shows that the normal bacteria living on the skin surface trigger a pathway that prevents excessive inflammation after injury.

Special protein helps maintain an efficient brain

The instruction manual for maintaining an efficient brain may soon include a section on synaptotagmin-IV (Syt-IV), a protein known to influence learning and memory.

Biotech companies must remain nimble and flexible to maintain edge

A new business model based on an innovation centre and a capability network of third parties could help biotech companies reduce both the time and cost of getting new products to market. It is no surprise, therefore, that many companies are actively considering adopting this new strategy.

How to maintain a profitable market share with existing testing contracts

During the past 20 years competition between individual testing laboratories has increased partially due to pressure from large clients seeking greater value ­ more quality testing for less money. Clients, writes Karl G Ekstrom, look for laboratories that are able to offer high quality on a large number of tests, creating aapproved vendor' lists in order to maintain a smaller, highly qualified supplier base.





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