Latest version of LIMS

Latest version of Matrix Gemini LIMS represents continued commitment to improving laboratory management and quality

New LIMS webinar

Webinar to be held in January on "Setting your LIMS Project up for success: how can you make sure your LIMS project runs smoothly?"

Latest version of LIMS released

Autoscribe Informatics releases advanced AQC and multi-sample visualisation at Lab Innovations event

Enhancements to LIMS product

Autoscribe Informatics to present enhancements in analytical quality control functions to maximise laboratory throughput

Environmental monitoring tech showcased

Autoscribe Informatics to show environmental monitoring solution at IFT18

LIMS specialist showcasing system at Analytica

Autoscribe to exhibit at this year's Analytica event

Reducing costs of quality testing

New module for LIMS aids cost-efficient quality testing

New module for LIMS

Autoscribe Informatics announces laboratory execution system module

Easy scheduling of LIMS activities

New module brings extra functionality to LIMS solution

Optimisation of laboratory instrument usage

Pre-allocation of instrument time to waiting samples allows laboratory equipment to be used with maximum efficiency

LIMS uses intuitive visual workflow screen editor

Management screens and workflows can be tailored to the specific laboratory needs

Extending LIMS use to the field

Designed to operate on an Android tablet or mobile device and sync with the Matrix Gemini LIMS database

The ‘complicated LIMS’ quandary

Theresa Webster addresses the side-effects of a complicated LIMS

Cost benefits of LIMS

Jeanne Mensingh reports on the mounting costs of everyday lab problems and how to avoid them

Connecting laboratories

Geoff Harper details a solution that’s advancing the path to the electronic lab

Maximising the use of shared equipment

Darah Arcila outlines the advantages of an electronic core facility management system

Scalability for human whole-genome sequencing

GenoLogics releases Clarity LIMS X as part of Illumina SeqLab

ISO 22000 and integrated informatics

Trish Meek reveals the business best practices to meet global food safety regulatory challenges

Getting connected

Informatics infrastructure enables the fully integrated pharmaceutical laboratory. Trish Meek reports






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