Slow light speeds up the microscopic world

Researchers have slowed down the speed of light in a process which could have major applications in fundamental science and medical diagnosis

The universal led light source

CoolLED Ltd. announces the launch of its new pE-4000 LED source. This new product sets the standard as the universal light source for fluorescence microscopy.

Glass cones shine new light on radially polarised beams

Physicists develop a new and inexpensive technique which could help scientific advances in astronomy and microscopy

Firefly technology sheds light on food safety

Food contamination can now be detected easily by a new device based on the chemical which lights up fireflies.

First clinical trial on bright light therapy channeled via ear canals in seasonal depression

Valkee, the inventor of the bright light headset, and scientists from the University of Oulu published the first results of the clinical and neurobiological research program conducted since 2007, on human brain’s light sensitiveness.

High brightness deuterium light source module

Hamamatsu Photonics introduce their first high brightness deuterium (H2D2) light source, featuring a deuterium lamp that emits UV light at intensity six times higher than our conventional L2D2 range of lamps

Gene study sheds new light on origins of British men

More than 100 million European men have a set of genes called R-M269, including about three-quarters of British men

Project aims to shed light on the epigenetic mechanisms

Cellzome will apply its chemoproteomics platform to chart the changes of epigenetic factors during stem cell differentiation

Light, chemistry, action: a new technique to target skin cancers?

Researchers could starve the tumour of oxygen and nutrients and cause it to disappear

Experts shed light on diabetes risk for South Asians

Academics discover one of the reasons why people of South Asian origin are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Nano-sized light mill drives micro-sized disk

Researchers have created the first nano-sized light mill motor whose rotational speed and direction can be controlled by tuning the frequency of the incident light waves.

Control of cell movement with light

A precise understanding of cellular growth and movement is the key to developing new treatments for cancer and other disorders caused by dysfunctional cell behaviour.

Chickens shed light on ovarian cancer

Researchers have been using the chicken as a model to study this deadly disease and have recently discovered that a diet enriched with flaxseed decreases severity of ovarian cancer and increases survival in hens.

Melanoma not caused by early UVA light exposure

Early life exposure to ultraviolet A light does not cause melanoma in a fish model that previously made that connection, scientists claim.

Fluorescent probes light up cancerous tumours

A team of researchers has developed biological probes that can stick to and light up tumours in mice.

Integra LED Light Provides Comfortable Error-Free Pipetting

The new Integra Pipetboy pro pipetting aid unites all essential characteristics for productive work with serological pipettes: accuracy, speed and comfort.

Turning light into electrical current

Scientists have demonstrated the transduction of optical radiation to electrical current in a molecular circuit.

Pathway sheds light on cystic fibrosis

In a study that could lead to new therapeutic targets for patients with the cystic fibrosis, a research team has identified a defective signaling pathway that contributes to disease severity.

Scientists shed new light on walking

Researchers at the medical university Karolinska Institutet have created a genetically modified mouse in which certain neurons can be activated by blue light.

Tying light in knots

The remarkable feat of tying light in knots has been achieved. Understanding how to control light in this way has important implications for laser technology used in wide a range of industries.






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