Thermo Fisher Scientific launches smaller, more efficient twin-screw extruder

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched its new Thermo Scientific Process 11 parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder for polymer and food industry research applications.

GE Healthcare launches TALON

GE Healthcare launches TALON chromatography media in convenient pre-packed formats for high purity separation of histidine-tagged proteins.

Targeted skin cancer drug launches in UK

Vemurafenib, marketed by Roche as Zelboraf, is the first personalised treatment that has been shown in clinical trials to increase survival time for patients with a specific BRAF gene mutation. The European Commission has licensed the drug for adults with this mutation whose cancer is inoperable or which has spread.

Interactive Medica launches territory planner

By uploading key business data that they want to use, companies are able to run detailed scenario analyses

GE Healthcare Launches HiScale Columns in 26 and 50 sizes

Easy-to-use empty columns for robust process development and preparative chromatography

Tecan launches HydroSpeed plate washer

HydroSpeed features advanced Cell Protection settings for washing of adherent and loosely adherent cells

GE Healthcare Launches Biacore 4000

GE Healthcare is launching Biacore 4000, a powerful solution for large-scale, label-free molecular interaction analysis in drug discovery, from early screening to characterisation.

Smiths Detection launches IntelliMark

Intellimark is a product identification system that enables genuine brand authentication through microscopic markers embedded in products such as consumer merchandise, secure documents, food and apparel.

Weighing launches

Ohaus Corporation's new Pro Series balances comprises three Adventurer Pro, Explorer Pro and Scout Pro

LycoRed launches Lyc-O-Fem™

LycoRed, Israel, launches Lyc-O-Fem™, a slow-release formulation containing genistein in a new proprietary composition for bone health.

Trophos launches first study of olesoxime in Multiple Sclerosis patients

Trophos SA announces the initiation of a phase 1b study of olesoxime in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients as a complementary therapy to their treatment with interferon beta.

Porvair launches HPLC sample evaporators

Porvair Sciences announces new versions of its MiniVap and UltraVap blowdown evaporators that use warm air or nitrogen to speed up the evaporation of common HPLC solvents such as dichloromethane, methanol and acetonitrile from sample vials, significantly improving throughput and removing this common laboratory bottleneck.

Roche launches new process for accessing clinical trial data

Roche has announced that it is expanding access to its clinical trial data for third party researchers.

BioCellChallenge launches the first universal delivery system for transporting antibodies into live cells

BioCellChallenge SAS, a biotechnology firm specialized in the creation and development of delivery systems for introducing active principles into live cells, has announced the launch of a new delivery system, ImmunoCellin, which is designed to transport antibodies into live cells even in the presence of additives

Almac launches US commercial packaging operations with successful FDA inspection

Almac has announced the successful inspection of its new US Commercial Packaging operations located in Audubon, PA by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Parker domnick hunter launches new PROPOR MR for faster removal of mycoplasma from cell culture media

A new mycoplasma retentive filter for the biopharmaceutical industry has been launched by Parker domnick hunter. The PROPOR MR speeds up processing of cell culture media, promising the fastest filtration times available without compromising on mycoplasma retention assurance.

Roche launches 454 sequencing assays

Roche has announced the launch and immediate availability of the GS GType TET2/CBL/KRAS and the GS GType RUNX1 Primer Sets for comprehensive genetic variation detection in four key human genes using the company’s 454 GS Junior and GS FLX Systems

Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches initiative to enhance supply chain security

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), a leading international pharma and biotech supplier, has substantially extended its supply chain security practices.

Agilent technologies launches new software for gel permeation chromatography

Agilent Technologies has announced the launch of the new Agilent GPC/SEC software for gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography with improved measurement and reporting capabilities for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.





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