Miniature profile rail guide for laboratory automation

Features low noise operation, smooth motion, high running accuracy and a self-lubricating, low maintenance

Fully automated synthesis

Designed to simplify process development, reaction optimisation, advanced syntheses, reaction calorimetry and crystallisation activities

Precision and accuracy in liquid handling

New options for laboratory automation solution

Boost throughput with disposable tips

The nested format allows up to five trays of tips to be stacked on each SLAS ­format carrier

One step filtering

The glass filter dryer is changing the filtration and drying process in laboratories worldwide. Amanda Pitcher reports

Automating sample preparation

Sample prep requirement can be perceived as a burden to research. Here Silke Ubben looks at the benefits of automation

Spray drying with a three channel nozzle

Micheal Whelehan, Philipp John and Nurhan T Dunford examine the production of core-shell microcapsules by spray drying using a 3-Fluid nozzle in a single step process.

Labs turn to automation for improved technology integration

The latest automation technologies are designed to improve the integration of laboratory equipment - increasing speed of analyses at the same time as reducing running costs. Sean Ottewell reports





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