Smart approach to labelling

Tugba Sert explains how to increase laboratory efficiency with durable sample identification

Contact lens manufacturer sets its sights on thermal transfer coders

Consistency of operation and print quality ensures CooperVision meets traceability requirements

Lab labelling system has clear advantages for samples

Creates clear, durable labels which withstand low-temperature sample storage

Safe alternative for labelling grapefruit

Laser labelling of fruit and vegetables is a new, patented technology in which a low-energy carbon dioxide laser beam is used to etch information on produce, thereby eliminating the need for common sticker-type labels.

Bearings key to filling-capping, labelling, conveying and palletising

New technology bearings have improved production efficiency, provide longer life and deliver continuous improvement in the beverage industry.

Bar-code labelling

The new YSI 7100 MBS system from Analytical Technologies is designed to measure multiple chemistries, combining the proven accuracy of YSI chemical sensors with the speed of simultaneous multiple chemistry testing.

Importance of printed materials in branding of packaging and labelling

A brand can be defined as a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. Brands offer the consumer something more than just the tangible product. They make people feel secure, accepted, and in a better state of mind than before they purchased the product. Eric Russell reports.

The quest for a common European standard for labelling meat content

Neil Griffiths reports on the effects of Amendments to the European Labelling Directive which is designed to harmonise meat labelling.





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