Viral contaminations in lab and manufacturing facilities

Dr Marcin Los outlines how to tackle the reoccurring problems of viral contaminations

Pittcon highlights the latest lab science innovations

Pittcon is the world's premier conference and exposition on laboratory science and 2011 was no different in terms of the number of new technologies being launched. Sean Ottewell looks at the show highlights

CIT/ABC acquires assets of LAB Research Inc

Acquires assets of LAB Research Inc, making the new group one of the world’s top five preclinical CROs

Lab labelling system has clear advantages for samples

Creates clear, durable labels which withstand low-temperature sample storage

Lab automation tools 'make science easy'

Agilent Bravo for protein purification leverages proprietary AssayMAP microchromatography technology

Integrating reporting of data for lab databases

Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer provides a central location to access data from all of the databases inside and outside of the lab

Linear motion system boost lab automation

Benchtop automation is changing genetic, genome and cancer research by being able to manipulate over 200,000 yeast or bacteria cell samples per hour

Super Lab selects Jenway spectrophotometers

London Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Life Sciences boasts the biggest wet teaching lab in Europe

Leukemia lab invests in Fluidigm Access Array and EP1 Systems

Fluidigm Corporation has announced that MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory has purchased Access Array and EP1 Systems

University lab selects Jenway spectrophotometers

With 280 individual workstations, the Super Lab offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, including 16 Jenway 7315 spectrophotometers

Analytics module for the whole lab

Nexxis LA (Lab Analytics) is an application that allows you to manage the lab better by providing information for the whole lab

Acne drug prevents HIV in lab

Scientists have found that a safe and inexpensive antibiotic in use since the 1970s for treating acne effectively targets infected immune cells in which HIV lies dormant and prevents them from reactivating and replicating.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer integrates standalone lab instruments

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc as added a new and powerful addition to its range of automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

Analytical Lab Septa Pawling Scientific Products

New material options, improved designs, and unique processing methods are used to improve product quality and process efficiency in the lab.

Lab equipment: Handheld Safety Tester

The Rigel 288 electrical safety analyser is the first universal truly hand-held medical electrical safety analyser which complies with the new IEC 62353 standard.

Lab equipment: Leakage-Current Measurement for Safety Checks

The HIOKI 3156 leakage-current measuring device available from ASM GmbH automatically measures the leakage current of medical devices with electrical or electronic fittings in accordance with IEC, UL, and JIS standards.

Lab equipment: Definitive guide to speciality gases

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, today announced the publication of its authoritative text to speciality gases.

Lab equipment: High capacity freeze drying

Designed for R&D and light manufacturing applications such as tissue banking, ceramics processing, lyophilisation of microtitre plates and diagnostic reagents, the Ultra delivers high efficiency at a low operating cost.

Lab equipment: Viscosity measurement technology

Cambridge Viscosity is the global leader in fluid viscosity measurement, including oil and gas; petroleum and biofuels; coatings, paints, and inks; pharmaceuticals, and other substances.

Lab equipment: Integrated optical trap holds particles

A new type of optical particle trap can be used to manipulate bacteria, viruses and other particles on a chip as part of an integrated optofluidic platform.






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