Algae may help curb fish kills

A microbe commonly found in the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways emits a poison not just to protect itself but to stun and immobilise the prey it plans to eat, a team of researchers from four universities has discovered.

Nano Cocktail kills tumours

A team of researchers has developed a 'cocktail' of different nanometre-sized particles that work in concert within the bloodstream to locate, adhere to and kill cancerous tumours.

'Silver bullet' kills contaminating bugs in the lab

A two-month environmental study has shown that silver-based BioCote antimicrobial protection, an integral feature of all Stuart benchtop laboratory equipment, reduces bacterial contamination of instrument surfaces by over 96 per cent.

Green tea kills anthrax

A cup of black tea could be the next line of defence in the threat of bio-terrorism according to new international research.

Pathological Clues to How the SARS Virus Kills

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) first emerged in Guangdong Province, China, in November 2002.

When salmonella kills

Nearly half of all HIV-positive African adults who become infected with Salmonella die from what otherwise would be a seven-day bout of diarrhoea.





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