Research sheds light on suicide risk

Choice of method in attempted suicides reflects risk of subsequent suicide

Research on alternative treatment principle for infectious diseases

New treatment principle for tuberculosis activates the body's own defence system

New research into brain structure and emotions

Brain structure reveals ability to regulate emotions, according to recent study

Novel way to make 3D nanostructures

3D 'printouts' at the nanoscale using self-assembling DNA structures

Hereditary swellings caused by defective blood protein

Cause of rare disorder hereditary angioedema type III discovered by researchers from Karolinska Institutet

Most heart muscle cells formed during childhood

New study demonstrates that the heart muscle is regenerated throughout a person’s life

New study on RAS-antagonists

Heart failure drugs beneficial even in presence of kidney disease

Subconscious learning shapes responses to pain

New research shows that people can be conditioned to associate images with pain responses

Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion

Perceived location of bodily self can be decoded from activity patterns in brain

How blood group O protects against malaria

Scandinavian scientists explain the mechanisms behind the protection that blood type O provides

Bariatric surgery affects risk of pregnancy complications

New research shows bariatric surgery has both positive and negative influence on the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery

New brain mapping reveals unknown cell types

Scientists produce detailed map of cortical cell types and the genes active within them

Promising results for new Alzheimer therapy

Research shows nerve growth factor can prevent neuronal degradation in Alzheimer’s patients

Advance in Parkinson's research

New therapeutic principle for Parkinsonian dyskinesia shows clinical effect

Causal link between antibiotics and childhood asthma dismissed

New study dismisses claims of link between antibiotics and childhood asthma

Gut microbiota influences blood-brain barrier permeability

New study shows that gut-residing microbes can influence blood-brain barrier integrity





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