Integrating assay technology

BioFocus and Almac collaborate to offer fluorescent lifetime assays

Integrating cell viability analysis into experimental design

Scientists can also review numerical and image data via the ambr software providing a single location to manage the entire experiment

Integrating reporting of data for lab databases

Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer provides a central location to access data from all of the databases inside and outside of the lab

Integrating Food Safety with Food/Facility Defense

As the ease and availability of foods improves, food safety and food defense concerns also increase. In 2010, American's are more aware than ever before of the impact that a contaminated food supply would have on public health.

Integrating building management and environmental monitoring

The control and monitoring of both storage and production environments is becoming increasingly important for the pharmaceutical industry.

Integrating titrinos

The tiamo software project from Metrohm, integrates titrinos and titrandos, meters, dosinos, sample changers, robotic sample processors, etc, to form a complete system for laboratory analysis.





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