High throughput integrated automation platforms

New accessibility features for the BioCel System enable easier maintenance and offline use of devices

Agilent expands bioinformatics system into integrated biology suite

GeneSpring GX 11.5 is an expansion of its popular bioinformatics software into visualising and analysing multiple types of biological data

Integrated treatment for veterans with chronic pain

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in a growing number of soldiers evacuated to the United States for comprehensive care for physical and psychological trauma.

Pharmacology: Integrated oncology drug discovery services

BioFocus DPI and Oncodesign announced today that they have joined forces to offer a comprehensive oncology drug discovery service.

Lab equipment: Integrated optical trap holds particles

A new type of optical particle trap can be used to manipulate bacteria, viruses and other particles on a chip as part of an integrated optofluidic platform.

First ultrafiltration plate with integrated dead stop

Safe and fast protein concentration in high throughput format is possible for the first time with a unique and reusable 24-well ultrafiltration frame from Vivascience.

integrated sample hplc preparation device

HPLC sample preparation can be a tedious process. Whatman has developed a product called Mini-UniPrep (MUP) that greatly enhances the efficiency of that sample preparation process. MUP combines a mixing/reaction container, filtration device and an auto-sampler vial, all rolled into one.

Integrated instrument for gel permeation chromatography

Gel permeation chromatography is a well-developed technique for determining the molecular weight distribution of polymers. Dr Greg Saunders reports.

Integrated microfluidic assay system procedures

Available from Tecan Europe the LabCD reduces all of the requisite steps for a wide variety of separation and assay procedures from a macro to a micro scale integrating them into a single low-cost disposable device.

Code of conduct to help integrated approach to bioinformatics

At last a code of conduct for bioinformatic data providers has been formulated. As Adrian Fergus explains, this will help the industry handle its ever increasing volumes of complex and often interrelated data.

"A first in electronic, motorised, integrated transgenic platforms"

High-precision optics and micro-tools are making manipulation on a tiny scale possible. But to simplify their task, laboratory scientists have long been demanding an automated tool that integrates microscopes with micromanipulators. A new transgenic platform aims to meet these needs.





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