Fast accurate pipette filling & dispensing

The PIPETBOY pro from INTEGRA sets the benchmark for fast, accurate pipette filling and dispensing.

Smart & compact programmable peristaltic pump

The DOSE IT peristaltic pump from INTEGRA makes dispensing easy. With different application methods and different tubing, the DOSE IT can be set up to accurately and rapidly dispense into almost any labware.

INTEGRA announces ARABLAB introductions

INTEGRA announces that it has chosen ARABLAB 2012 to display its latest innovations in media preparation and liquid handling. At this important event INTEGRA will launch its new Turbo mode option for the MEDIAJET Automated Petri Dish Filling system.

InSphero and INTEGRA announce co-operation

They will provide high performance liquid-handling solutions for 3D cell culture

Integra LED Light Provides Comfortable Error-Free Pipetting

The new Integra Pipetboy pro pipetting aid unites all essential characteristics for productive work with serological pipettes: accuracy, speed and comfort.





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