Hands-free pipetting

Integra launches hands-free multichannel pipetting

Multichannel pipetting

Integra’s handheld multichannel pipettes and GripTip system n developed to allow tips to effortlessly snap onto the pipette

Automating early stage cell-based assay development

Early phase drug discovery research requires the highest level of accurate and reproducible testing

Guide to peristaltic pumps

Integra has published a ‘How-It-Works’ guide to explain the benefits of using a peristaltic pump for pumping and dispensing a wide variety of liquids

High throughput biological sample collection and processing

An increasing number of clinical labs are being confronted with a growing need to process more samples in parallel without jeopardising the quality of their results

Environmentally-friendly reagent reservoirs

Integra offers a range of high quality multichannel reservoirs that feature reusable bases

Low retention pipette tips deliver maximum liquid recovery

INTEGRA has used a polypropylene blend to produce pipette tips with increased hydrophobic properties

Increasing consistency of tissue typing

The Viaflo Assist has been demonstrated to increase confidence in and the simplicity of a laboratory’s tissue typing workflow

Benchtop 1536-well pipetting

The introduction of this new capability provides screening labs with an alternative to fully automated robotic liquid handling systems

Motorised tip spacing pipettes

INTEGRA announces a new generation version of its popular VOYAGER pipette range that features unique motorised tip spacing technology

Optimised pipetting performance

INTEGRA has expanded the range of interchangeable pipetting heads for its handheld VIAFLO 96/384 electronic pipettes

Manual pipette range

Unlike traditional pipettes which utilise a single rotating plunger to set volumes, the EVOLVE features three adjustable dials for setting each individual volume digit

Simultaneous 96-well extraction of urine samples for drugs of abuse analysis

Single 96-well plate loaded with samples can be extracted and ready for LC-MS/MS analysis in less than ten minutes

Easy aspiration of small volumes of biological liquid waste

VACUSIP is a portable benchtop vacuum aspiration system from INTEGRA that you can place wherever you need it

Adjustable tip spacing pipette

Electronically adjustable tip facility on the Voyager not only generated time savings of up to 80% from minimising the number of required manual handling steps

Pipetting techniques to improve serial dilution assays

Preparation of reproducible serial dilution assays, especially in 384-well plates, is a challenging task because they require many pipetting actions and are highly dependent on an operator's technique and experience

Faster PCR assays

Reducing protocol time for 96-well PCR assays

New 50 microlitre electronic pipettes

Integra expands its range of electronic pipettes with new model

Optimising workflow with 96- and 384-well microplates

New three-position stage for benchtop pipettes launched by Integra






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