Insulin pumps versus injections

Researchers from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the University of Sheffield among first to compare effectiveness of traditional methods in controlling type 1 diabetes with alternative technologies

Global insulin delivery devices market value to increase from $8.78bn in 2012 to $13.8bin by 2019

Increasing awareness of the benefits of insulin in managing diabetes will significantly improve the uptake of syringes and pens in Asia-Pacific, says analyst

Researchers discover new explanation for diabetes and poor growth

A group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen has taken a significant step towards understanding the reasons for both diabetes and growth hormone deficiency.

Rapid growth for the insulin delivery devices

Urgent need for effective solutions as diabetic population swells by nearly seven million annually

Agents that keep insulin working longer

More than half a century after researchers identified a promising way to treat diabetes based on blocking the breakdown of insulin in the body, a research team has developed potent molecules that can do just that.

Genes influence insulin and glucose regulation

An international research consortium has found 13 new genetic variants that influence blood glucose regulation, insulin resistance, and the function of insulin-secreting beta cells in populations of European descent.

Insulin boost restores muscle growth

Researchers have recognised that loss of responsiveness to insulin plays a major role in the loss of physical strength that occurs as people grow older.

Gene that causes resistance to insulin

A breakthrough by an international team of researchers in Canada, France, the UK and Denmark has uncovered a new gene that could lead to better treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Nutrients, insulin resistance linked

For some time, scientists suspected the hexosamine pathway - a small side business of the main sugar processing enterprise inside a cell - to be involved in the development of insulin resistance.

Does insulin influence resistin?

Obesity is a worldwide health problem directly linked to several diseases such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Resistin is a cysteine-rich hormone mainly secreted by adipose tissues.

New plant for bulk production and purification of insulin

A new E300 million plant in Denmark combines advanced control, three dimensional design,clean-in-place technology, water purification and sterilisation in one insulin production and purification plant. eLab takes a look inside.

Stem cell researchers map new knowledge about insulin production

Scientists from The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) at the University of Copenhagen and Hagedorn Research Institute have gained new insight into the signaling paths that control the body’s insulin production.





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