Cancer relapse linked to body’s own immune system

Immunotherapy could get body’s response back on track; early data suggests existing immunotherapies could prevent relapse

Study splits incurable childhood brain tumours into 10 new diseases

Many types have mutations that could be targeted by existing drugs

Scientists uncover a deadly ‘addiction’ in oesophageal cancer

Discovery leads to new approach to treatment entering phase II trial

Genetic testing can pick out men at increased risk of testicular cancer

Scientists studied the DNA of 30,000 men and identified 19 new genetic changes associated with the disease

Hodgkin lymphoma survivors at high risk of second cancers

Scientists analysed data from 9,522 patients with Hodgkin lymphoma and 28,277 relatives of the patients

Largest ever brain cancer study reveals new secrets to inherited risk

Research shows 13 new genetic errors associated with an increased risk of developing glioma

Immune system genes linked to most common type of leukaemia

Gene discovery could lead to new targeted treatments and boost immunotherapy

Cancer cells can shrug off physical constraints on growth and spread

Scientists find cancer cells that spread around the body have a broken switch which continually activates a key molecule called YAP

Gene test could pinpoint patients sensitive to new type of cancer drug

Scientists found that defects in a gene called ARID1A caused sensitivity to new drugs targeting the DNA repair process within tumour cells

Scientists reveal ‘safety catch’ within all dividing cells

Major discovery could lead to new cancer treatments

Tricky gene mutations detected by free, fast, easy-to use new software

DECoN accurately and quickly detects changes in copy number of blocks of DNA called exons

One thousand cancer patients ha​ve gene testing through new process

Testing process was developed in the UK and is being adopted around the globe

Secondary breast and bowel cancers

Found to grow by piggy-backing on patients’ blood vessels rather than developing their own

‘Game-changing’ immunotherapy doubles head and neck cancer survival

Nivolumab became the first treatment to extend survival in a phase III clinical trial for patients with head and neck cancer in whom chemotherapy had failed

3D-printed ‘AbdoMan’ could transform radiotherapy

A 3D-printed human torso is helping doctors safely and reliably model ‘internal radiation’ treatments for cancer

New ‘ecosystem’ test strongly predicts ovarian cancer survival

Computerised test measures diversity among cells in the environment around secondary tumours

Study links two genes to breast cancer survival

Research could be used to develop tests for aggressive breast cancers, or even to identify new targets for cancer treatment

Gene testing in rare tumour type could uncover ‘cancer families’

Inherited cancer-causing mutations can give rise to the phenomenon of ‘cancer families’ where multiple family members develop cancer






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