Insights into cancer genome may lead to designer drugs for myeloma

Scientists used ‘next generation sequencing’ to map the cancer cell genomes of 38 patients with myeloma

Bacteria Provide New Insights into Human Decision Making

Scientists studying how bacteria under stress collectively weigh and initiate different survival strategies say they have gained new insights into how humans make strategic decisions that affect their health, wealth and the fate of others in society.

Bacterial insights provide vast understanding

Researchers have constructed a complete model, including three dimensional protein structures, of the central metabolic network of the bacterium Thermotoga maritima.

Robotics insights through flies' eyes

A fly's brain enables the unbelievable - the animal's easy negotiation of obstacles in rapid flight, split-second reaction to the hand that would catch it, and unerring navigation to the smelly delicacies it lives on.

Domestication of pepper provides insights into ingredient history

Researchers are exploring the domestication of chiles, hot peppers that have long played an important role in the diets of Mesoamerican people, possibly since as early as 8000 B.C.

Human population structure insights

Through sophisticated statistical analyses and advanced computer simulations, researchers are learning more about the genomic patterns of human population structure around the world.

Insights into progressive hearing loss

In parallel studies in human and mouse, two groups of researchers have come to the same conclusion: that a new kind of gene is associated with progressive hearing loss.

Next-generation sequencing opens gate to new insights

Sequencing is a powerful and versatile tool that helps scientists gain new insights in many areas of medicine and biology. Dr Burkhard Ziebolz reports.

Novel insights into the evolution of protein networks

System-wide networks of proteins are indispensable for organisms. Function and evolution of these networks are among the most fascinating research questions in biology. Bioinformatician Thomas Rattei, University of Vienna, and physicist Hernan Makse, City University New York, have reconstructed ancestral protein networks.

New insights into membrane-assisted self-assembly

Richard Matthews, Lise-Meitner-Fellow at the University of Vienna, gives new insights into Membrane-Assisted Self-Assembly and publishes his results in the current issue of Physical Review Letters.

New insights into placebo effect

Mathematical models developed by scientists at the University of Bristol are providing new insights into why the placebo effect exists and when it should occur.

Green-glowing fish provides new insights into health impacts of pollution

Understanding the damage that pollution causes to both wildlife and human health is set to become much easier thanks to a new green-glowing zebrafish.

Addiction insights via Parkinson's

Research provides vital insights into the neurological basis of addiction by investigating Parkinson's disease patients, who in some instances develop various addictions when undergoing treatment.

Job's syndrome insights

Scientists have made another major breakthrough in understanding a rare immune disorder called Job's syndrome.





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