Pittcon highlights the latest lab science innovations

Pittcon is the world's premier conference and exposition on laboratory science and 2011 was no different in terms of the number of new technologies being launched. Sean Ottewell looks at the show highlights

Manufacturers and retailers drive global innovations in packaging

A global project on packaging sustainability is entering its pilot phase, as manufacturers focus on greater innovation. Sean Ottewell reports.

Innovations in freezing mean reduced frost-related downtime

Traditionally, the downtime needed to defrost freezers has been an obstacle preventing food and beverage processors from getting maximum efficiency out of their production lines. But recent advances in freezing technology can keep production lines running longer, resulting in greater throughput and greater profitability.

Innovations will increase efficiency and cut cost

The diversity of developments that has been recently announced by packaging and labelling companies shows the industry to be flourishing with a wide range of new products that help food producers increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Automation innovations provide twin boost for lab efficiency

Known as Crystal Farm, a new imaging system developed in the USA simplifies and automates protein crystallisation by integrating incubation at chosen temperatures together with optical imaging of the crystal growth plates at pre-scheduled intervals. This accelerates the process of growing diffraction-quality protein crystals.

Innovations in soil science will grow the solutions to global food security

Soil science will be fundamental in overcoming the growing threat of global food and fuel crop shortages as the world’s population continues to rise, according to innovative research by a University of Sheffield expert.





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