Open source innovation increasingly being used in drug discovery

New discoveries have led to the need for new ways to tap the vast amounts of information, so as to optimise its potential use

Consumers increasingly perceive kosher and halal food as safer

New product development is being driven by consumer demands that are seeing kosher and halal foods being bought by a wider range of consumers.

Analysts increasingly turn to gel permeation chromatography

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) measures the molecular weight distribution of polymers.

Software tools increasingly used in designing food processing products

As consumer fashion today demands ever more new food products, software will play a greater part in food design. Eric Russell reports on the increasing use of computer aided design and finite element analysis.

Internet will be increasingly used to view bioanalytical data

With an increasing number of contract research organisations available, purchasing managers or scientists are now confronted with a number of different options in terms of partnering a project with a particular CRO. Dr Andrew Penman reports.





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