Cellular aging increases risk of heart attack and early death

Every cell in the body has chromosomes with so-called telomeres, which are shortened over time and also through lifestyle choices such as smoking and obesity. Researchers have long speculated that the shortening of telomeres increases the risk of heart attack and early death.

Genetic variant increases risk of common type stroke

A genetic variant that increases the risk of a common type of stroke has been identified by scientists in a study published online in Nature Genetics today. This is one of the few genetic variants to date to be associated with risk of stroke and the discovery opens up new possibilities for treatment.

Low profile deep well plate increases storage capacity

Designed to make optimum use of storage space in HPLC autosamplers, robotic stackers and freezers

Blood Science platform consolidation increases effectiveness

The Blood Science laboratory at the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has introduced 13 serology assays onto their Roche Modular SWA platform

Automation increases neonatal screening throughput

Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling platform to automates its new SPOTCHECK Pro Neonatal Screening

Loss of gene function increases cancer aggression

Prostate cancer cells are more likely to spread to other parts of the body if a specific gene quits functioning normally, according to new data from researchers.

Urbanisation increases monsoon rains

A scientist has shown man-made changes to the landscape have affected Indian monsoon rains, suggesting that land-use decisions play an important role in climate change.

Horizontal string trimmer increases peach size

As consumer demand for premium fruit increases, growers are being challenged to bring consistently high-quality fruit to market. And to boost their bottom line, orchard owners are experimenting with new techniques that can increase fruit quality while reducing labour costs.

Gene increases effectiveness of drugs used to fight cancer

Researchers have found a suicide gene, called 'gene E', which leads to the death of tumour cells derived from breast, lung and colon cancer, and prevents their growth.

Tobacco smoke exposure increases risk of transplant failure

A study provides the first direct evidence that cigarette smoke exposure prior to a heart transplant in either the donor, recipient, or both, accelerates the death of a transplanted heart.

Air pollution increases infants' risk of bronchiolitis

Infants who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution are at increased risk for bronchiolitis, according to a new study.

Smokeless tobacco increases risk of heart attack and stroke

People who use smokeless tobacco products like snus have a slightly higher risk of having a fatal heart attack or stroke, according to research.

Obesity increases risk of prostate cancer

A new look at a large database of prostate cancer patients shows that obesity plays no favourites when it comes to increasing the risk of recurrence after surgery.

Medical study shows anger increases blood flow

Mental stress causes carotid artery dilation and increases brain blood flow. A series of ultrasound experiments also found that this dilatory reflex was absent in people with high blood pressure.

Lab Equipment: LC Technology increases productivity

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the expansion of its quaternary solvent delivery systems with the release of the Accela 600 HPLC and Accela 1000 U-HPLC.

Obesity increases medical risk for diabetes

Researchers have identified the missing link between obesity and diabetes and explain how obesity sets the stage for diabetes and why thin people can become insulin-resistant.

Sleep apnea increases heart disease risk

Obstructive sleep apnea, or periodic interruptions in breathing throughout the night, thickens sufferers' blood vessels and increases the risk of several forms of heart and vascular disease.

Modular continuous automation increases productivity

FlexyConcept is a modular, continuous automation concept for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

precrystallisation system increases storage stability of chocolate articles

The SeedMaster system ­ from Bühler Bindler ­ replaces conventional precrystallisation of the chocolate mass before tablet moulding or forming.

Use of fluorescent dyes increases in development of peptide products

Dr. David Woodhouse looks at a range of peptide productsto design and satisfy the requirements of drug discoveryand development activities.






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