European multiple sclerosis market in dire need of increased disease awareness and treatment options, cautions Frost & Sullivan

Limited awareness about the disease and its overall occurrence and progression among end-users is hampering the European multiple sclerosis market.

Centrifuge tubes deliver high quality and increased speed capability

Sterilin has launched an extended range of sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes Sterilin has launched a new, extended range of sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes that offers increased speed capability of up to 12,000 x g

Increased demand for porous plastics

High performance Vyon and BioVyon sintered porous plastics that are FDA and WRAS approved

Smokers at increased risk of seizures

A recent study determined there is a significant risk of seizure for individuals who currently smoke cigarettes.

Increased RNA production

Now that studies have shown microRNAs regulate genes involved in normal functioning as well as diseases such as cancer, everyone wants to know: What regulates microRNAs?

Increased schizophrenia risk

Rutgers geneticists have identified a specific DNA change that is likely to increase risk for developing schizophrenia in some people.

Increased sequence accuracy

Based on the 454 sequencing technology, the Roche Genome Sequencer 20 System system is able to generate hundreds of thousands of sequence reads in a few hours at a fraction of costs compared with the traditional Sanger technology.

Creating knowledge-based economy ensures increased life science funding

Given the rapid advances in biological sciences, the European Commission (EC) under its framework 6 programme (FP6) has set a strategic thematic priority for life sciences along with biotechnology and health.

Increased emphasis on downstream processing

The reduced efficacy of existing drugs and a lack of treatments for many new diseases are expected to drive expansion in the biopharmaceuticals market.

increased efficiency in synthesis resulting from parallel operation

A lot of synthesis are still done in a sequential way using three neck flasks with reflux condensers, gas supply taps, stirring motors and heating bathes. Syntheses in is way are very time consuming and costly.

Perfusion system for increased expansion of cancer cells

Sensitive removal of cells from the bioreactor, the addition of fresh media and the removal of cell debris for purification combined are a significant aid to cancer research. Carrie Bracco reports.

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease for relatives of cancer patients

A current study shows that the risk for coronary heart disease and stroke increases by almost thirty per cent in a person whose partner has cancer. The cause is probably the negative stress to which the cancer patient’s relative is exposed.

Increased risk of blood disorders

Recent research identifies a common genetic sequence abnormality that enhances the likelihood of acquiring a mutation in a gene linked to certain blood diseases.

Increased hepcidin expression

While circulating hepcidin levels were not associated with anaemia, it is positively associated with stage of colorectal disease.





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