Switching drugs improves breast cancer patient survival rates

Trial examined the long-term effectiveness of switching to exemestane after two to three years of tamoxifen

BladeCell disposable cuvette improves DLS productivity

Combines the convenience of a disposable sample holder with the measurement quality of a quartz cuvette

Optimised cooking/cooling improves rice consistency and process flexibility

Significant improvement in rice texture and appearance and more flexible high-volume processing of parboiled rice for refrigerated, frozen and canned meals is now possible with the latest cooking and cooling technologies. Jim McMahon reports

Mediterranean-style diet improves heart function

A study of twins shows that even with genes that put them at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, eating a Mediterranean-style diet can improve heart function, according to research.

No-till farming improves soil stability

A study across the central Great Plains on the effects of more than 19 years of various tillage practices shows that no-till makes soil much more stable than plowed soil.

Digital plant architecture improves drinks production

Emerson's Project Expertise and PlantWeb Architecture is being used to increase the accuracy and speed of recipe changes.

Football improves health, fitness and social abilities

Football is a pleasurable team sport that provides an all-round fitness and can be used as treatment for lifestyle-related diseases.

Solar-powered irrigation significantly improves diet

Solar-powered drip irrigation systems significantly enhance household incomes and nutritional intake of villagers in arid sub-Saharan Africa, according to a new Stanford University study.

Progressing cavity pump improves food plant's effluent treatment

Headland Foods, the manufacturer of frozen own label ready meals, has specified a high performance Compact C Range progressing cavity (PC) pump from NOV Mono to reduce maintenance and improve process efficiency at its production plant in Flintshire, Scotland.

Equipment: Transductin improves knockdown efficiency

Integrated DNA Technologies has introduced the novel peptide-based double-stranded RNA transduction delivery system Transductin.

New chemistry techniques improves imaging

A new PET/MR imaging system has been developed that can successfully provide whole-body images of rats and other small animals and could greatly improve imaging capabilities and advance research in many areas.

Robot improves suture proficiency

Among surgeons inexperienced in laparoscopic techniques, closing incisions using robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery requires less time to learn and results in improved outcomes

Prefrontal cortex improves working memory

A study showed that there are two parts of the cerebral cortex with highly differentiated roles implicated in this type of memory.

miRNA improves immunity

A single microRNA in mice controls the production and activation of granulocytes, white blood cells essential for host defense against invading pathogens.

Debubbler improves dispense precision technology

Dissolved gases and bubbles in system liquids cause dispense volume anomalies in many instruments, negatively affecting both dispense precision and analytical accuracy.

Integration of technology and software improves drug prospects

Scientific computing specialists at Genedata and ChemAxon have successfully integrated the chemical intelligence functionality of MarvinView with Hit Profiler, Genedata’s newly-released software solution for the prioritisation of hits to leads.

Energy management technology improves fuel use efficiency

Located in the English midlands, the Worksop-based Campbell Grocery Products plant manufactures some of the company’s most recognisable brands A subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company, its five autonomous manufacturing centres are responsible for Oxo, Homepride Cook-in-Sauces, Batchelor’s Super Noodles, the Batchelor’s Mushy Pea cannery, and the company's R&D facility.

Blend analysis NIR solution improves consitency

Offering a new spectroscopic analysis technology, the Antaris Target Blend Analyser from Thermo has been developed from the ground up in partnership with a major pharmaceutical company.

Electronic pipette improves electrophoretic separation

Dr Antonio Romaguera examines the advantages of an electronic pipette.

Pelletisation of food additives improves flowability and filling

The increasing market for convenience food with its need for speciality products and tailor-made additives demands new production solutions. Here, Gudrun Ding looks at the increasing role and benefits played by the pelletisation of food additives.






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