PC 3001 VARIOpro - Improved pumping speed with unique automatic evaporation

Evaporations under vacuum conditions are very demanding of pump performance and vacuum control. VACUUBRAND´s new chemistry pumping unit, the PC 3001 VARIOpro, provides an integrated, user-friendly solution and supersedes its highly regarded, precise and durable predecessor, the PC 3001 VARIO.

Reference material to support improved quantification of vitamins in food

Certified reference material enables food labs to comply with EU directive 90/496/EEC

Mussel extract could mean less pain and improved mobility

New study confirms beneficial effects of green lipped mussel extract on joint health

Latex kit offers improved workflow

The new Thermo Scientific PathoDxtra Strep Grouping Kit offers a faster strep grouping solution than traditional methods

Improved workflow at hospital laboratory

Equipment and software from Roche ensures a modern and efficient pathology service

BenchTOF-dx for improved sensitivity

Enables users to screen samples at trace levels, offering optimal sensitivity without comprising speed of analyses and selectivity

Improved tabletop filling and capping machine

FF30 meets the demands of very flexible small batch filling of liquids or oils in bottles with screw caps with pipette or spray heads

Kits for improved nucleic acid recovery from FFPE samples

FFPE tissues are a valuable source of information for retrospective research, says AMSBIO

Improved cell counting technology

Two applications of direct cell-concentration determination are presented that make use of the fluorescence and light-scatter measurements possible with a flow cytometer to identify sub-populations of interest. Counting bead or hemacytometer data is included for comparison.

Improved nanogenerators to power sensors

By combining a new generation of piezoelectric nanogenerators with two types of nanowire sensors, researchers have created what are believed to be the first self-powered nanometre-scale sensing devices that draw power from the conversion of mechanical energy.

Improved charge and energy storage systems

A recent discovery made by UC San Diego engineers could lead to carbon nanotube-based supercapacitors that could do just this.

Lab equipment: Improved prediction of HIV microbicide safety

Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have devised a laboratory test for predicting whether microbicides against HIV are safe for human use.

Improved extraction of high quality RNA

amsbio has announced a new kit for the extraction of high quality RNA from FFPE tissues that can be applied not only to PCR but also microarray applications.

Improved lab equpment to test carcinogen risk

Scientists recently completed the largest animal study ever done in the field of toxicology, and the findings challenge some basic concepts.

Improved chemical handling

Micronic Europe BV has announced that Specs has deployed the Tracker TRxD Single Tube Scanner in its laboratories to improve handling and processing of chemical compounds.

Microencapsulation platform provides improved stability

Growing consumer demand for foods offering benefits for heart health, mood, weight management, and more has driven the functional food market.

Imatinib improved by chloroquine

Researchers report that the therapeutic effects of the blockbuster leukaemia drug imatinib may be enhanced when given along with a drug that inhibits a cell process called autophagy.

Fast and specific HSA and IgG depletion for improved biomarker detection

The analysis of the complete proteome is a major interest of many researchers. Of particular importance are human bodily fluids such as serum or plasma due to their ease of accessibility and their potential for the identification of disease biomarkers.

Improved data logger can now be used in washer disinfectors and autoclaves

Gemini's improved data logger can now work as efficiently at 135ºC as it does at 121ºC. This means the same logger can be used in washer disinfectors and in autoclaves.

Improved spectroscopy software

Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd launches new, enhanced customer-driven software, Smart Sound for its range of High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectrometers (HR-US).






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