The importance of being well prepared

Dan Crothers looks at how laboratory paddle blenders have offered fast reliable homogenisation for a wide range of laboratory samples

Importance of nanotechnology in formulation and drug delivery

Conference will provide a forum for industry professionals to discuss and highlight and to encourage collaborative working

Nano changes, macro importance

Scientists believe they have settled a long-standing debate over the source of the unique electronic properties of a material with potentially great importance for wireless communications.

The importance of peristaltic technology for clean pumping

Since its formation in 1988, The Automation Partnership (TAP) has pioneered the development and implementation of industrial automation solutions to the world's leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biotechnology and genomics companies.

The importance of traceability in relation to pH and conductivity

For laboratories concerned by certification or accreditation, the use of certified reference materials traceable to their national standards is highly recommended. Patricia Dalmas reports.

Importance of printed materials in branding of packaging and labelling

A brand can be defined as a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. Brands offer the consumer something more than just the tangible product. They make people feel secure, accepted, and in a better state of mind than before they purchased the product. Eric Russell reports.

The importance of monitoring of listeria in different food types

Elaine Fraser examines the reasons behind environmental monitoring of both surfaces and air and the possible effects on food.





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