Saliva mystery has practical impact

Researchers have solved a long-standing mystery about why some fluids containing polymers - including saliva - form beads when they are stretched and others do not.

Impact of the 'livestock revolution'

A new report by an international research team explores the impact of the global livestock industry on the environment, the economy and human health.

Crops impact environmental quality

Crop residues, perennial warm season grasses, and short-rotation woody crops are potential biomass sources for cellulosic ethanol production.

Impact of Alzheimer's disease gene in healthy brains

A study demonstrated that genetic risk is expressed in the brains of even those who are healthy, but carry some risk for Alzheimer's Disease.

Mechanical forces impact stem cells

Applying a small mechanical force to embryonic stem cells could be a new way of coaxing them into a specific direction of differentiation, researchers at the University of Illinois report.

Genetics: Tracking impact of DNA damage on brain

Switching off a key DNA repair system in the developing nervous system is linked to smaller brain size as well as problems in brain structures vital to movement, memory and emotion.

Small bottle has a big impact for VitaGro Concentrates

RPC Containers Raunds has produced a custom moulded bottle for a new range of plant foods from Bayer CropScience.

Evolution's impact on ecosystems

Scientists have come to agree that different environments impact the evolution of new species. Experiments are showing for the first time that the reverse is also true.

Impact of new standards

How do you prioritise the implementation of new regulatory standards?
What impact they are likely to have over the next few years.

Study assesses potential impact of inks on packaged foodstuffs

Véronique Vernat, Janine Abjean, Murielle Blanc, Stéphane Papilloud and David Baudraz report on a research and development collaboration between an ink supplier and end user on the potential effects of ink on packed foods.

Variable speed pumps help cut environmental impact of sweet plant

A new, centralised, hot water circulation system has been installed at the largest Mars confectionery plant for Western Europe. The operating speeds of system's pumps are controlled by pump-mounted, frequency control units, which have provided great benefits in the form of flexibility of use and significant energy savings. By Steve Minett and Keld Fenwick.

The impact of ultrapure water quality on biotech research

The demand for pure water in media preparation and washing materials for mammalian cell culture is well established. J F Pilette reports.

Environmental impact: the challenge for base station roll-out

Mobile operators carry signals to a handset through the airwaves via a network of base station sites, full of antennas and equipment. Next-generation mobile networks will demand far more such base stations, bringing with them a host of health, safety and environmental concerns ­ both real and spurious, as Jim Costello reports.

New study will examine the incidence and impact of gluten intolerance in the UK

A University of Nottingham expert has been awarded £80,000 by two national charities to study the impact of gluten intolerance on patients in the UK.

Genes impact blood pressure

Researchers have discovered that rare genetic variants can be associated with a lower risk of developing high blood pressure.



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