Confocal imaging unit for individual scientists

The development over the past 20 years of Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM) has revolutionised the study of biological samples and tissue sections, enabling subtle changes and molecular interactions to be monitored in living cells.

Sensitivity and dynamic range in chemiluminescence imaging systems

The development of chemiluminescence as an alternative to radioactivity for documentation of electrophoresis blots (eg Westerns) has necessitated the development of a new generation of documentation systems with exceptionally high sensitivity and dynamic range.

Imaging crystalline protein grains in 3D using X-ray diffraction

Preparing protein crystals has always been difficult because their growth mechanisms are not well understood. A better insight into these mechanisms is now possible, using a new imaging method based on coherent x-ray diffraction.

IMSOL imaging system key to spinal injury research

An imaging system from Preston-based Image Solutions (UK) Ltd. is central to research being carried out by scientists at Cardiff University into how stem cells can be used to treat spinal injuries.

Imaging - fat crystals in chocolate

Market leaders in temperature controlled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments report on the use of their Linksys32-DV software to visualise and measure the in-situ growth of fat crystals on the surface of chocolate.

Simultaneous imaging and photodynamic therapy of cancer

UvA scientists have developed a multifunctional nanoplatform for photodynamic therapy of cancer that can be activated by absorption of near-infrared light. With this nanoplatform it has now become possible to perform simultaneously photodynamic therapy and to image the therapeutic site for evaluation of therapy efficacy with NIR illumination.

Using 3D imaging to improve the lives of lung disease patients

Pioneering research at the University of Southampton, using hi-tech 3D imaging, could improve the lives of those suffering from chronic lung disease.

Imaging whole cells in liquid

Scientists have always wanted to take a closer look at biological systems and materials. Niels de Jonge and his colleagues have added a new tool for imaging whole cells. Scientist Live spoke with him regarding scanning transmission electron microscopes.

Brain imaging study

Researchers have conducted the first-ever brain imaging study that directly contrasts two different techniques for emotion regulation.






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