Real time imaging of DNA repair

Making films of molecular interactions is step forward towards prevention and treatment of cancer

Virtual microscope images at your fingertips

Olympus has launched its OlyVIA Mobile iPad App, an image viewer dedicated to virtual slides

Digital camera for all routine imaging applications

Research-grade performance from bright field to fluorescence, from live cell to fixed tissue

Microscope illumination is changing

Since their introduction, LEDs have gained acceptance as spectrum coverage has expanded and intensities have reached the levels required for successful sample illumination. Jim Beacher reports

Optimised imaging for wider applications

Imaging is at the heart of many analytical procedures and the latest microscope technologies are optimised for accuracy and ease of operation

Waterproofed wide angle lens adapter

Resolve Optics Ltd. reports that it has supplied a number of its Model 287 wide angle lens adapters to enable high quality, external broadcasts by the BBC Springwatch group based in Bristol, UK.

Expert potato breeder uses SDI’s syngene G:BOX image analysis system to help efficiently identify unknown varieties

Gel doc system helps to visualise and analyse DNA markers at potato breeding company

Optical gas imaging helps protect offshore oil & gas assets

FLIR Systems reports that remote visual inspection specialists - Inspectahire Instrument Company Ltd. (Aberdeen, UK) has used its GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras to provide hydrocarbon leak detection services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

On a different wavelength: scientists set out to create ‘superspectral’ camera

A team of engineers is setting out to create the world’s first camera sensor capable of ‘seeing’ across a wide range of wavelengths.

Imaging the fetus – the history of obstetric ultrasound

To mark one of the most important medical developments to come out of the University of Glasgow in the twentieth century, a new book has been published.

A new cyan fluorescent protein will make cellular imaging more sensitive

Scientists have designed a molecule which emits turquoise light more efficiently than seen before in living cells. This improves the sensitivity of imaging of biological processes inside a living cell.

G:BOX F3 Automated Gel Imaging System

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is delighted to introduce the G:BOX F3, a new gel imaging system, designed for scientists that want a rapid, versatile method of automatically imaging and analysing DNA, RNA and proteins in gels.

Fast, high-speed cell imaging takes centre stage

As the latest innovations demonstrate, cell imaging continues to play a key role in the development of the life sciences industry. And speed is key, as Sean Ottewell finds out

Live cell imaging software

Provides flexible, automated methods of maintaining and analysing stem cells

Advanced imaging systems follow fluorescent RNA movement in living cells

Three DeltaVision Core systems and an OMX 'super resolution' instrument to study how RNA behaves in real time

Glass bottom microplates for imaging applications

Porvair Krystal glass bottom plate range demonstrate higher performance than standard polystyrene plates

Silicon immersion objectives for life science imaging

Extended time-lapse experiments, at high resolution and with deep penetration, says Olympus

High-performance, laser-based, confocal imaging platform

GE Healthcare announces IN Cell Analyzer 6000 high-content cellular analysis system

Live cell imaging solution

The CellVoyager CV1000 desktop imaging system from Image Solutions is suitable for mass screening

Brain imaging technique gives new hope for understanding Parkinson’s disease

A non-invasive brain imaging technique gives new hope in finding new and better treatment plans and tracking the disease progression






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