JPK launches the fast-scanning & super-resolution NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM system

JPK Instruments announces the release of the next generation of NanoWizard AFM systems delivering fast-scanning and super-resolution on an inverted microscope.

Versatile thermal imaging camera for demanding R&D applications

The FLIR SC660 thermal imaging camera is designed to deliver a combination of infrared and visible spectral images of superior quality and temperature measurement accuracy.

The universal led light source

CoolLED Ltd. announces the launch of its new pE-4000 LED source. This new product sets the standard as the universal light source for fluorescence microscopy.

Bruker announces the world’s first preclinical magnetic particle imaging system

At the 2013 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC), Bruker announced the world’s first Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) system, an entirely new technology for preclinical imaging.

Discover open source microscopy for live cell imaging

As part of the annual EMBO and EMBL events, Olympus will be showcasing the open source microscopy concept, led by the IX3 inverted microscope frames, optimised for life science research.

Presenting dedicated microscopy solutions at ECP

Olympus will exhibit its BX3 upright microscope systems and VS120 virtual slide scanner at ECP 2013. Designed specifically to meet the needs of a range of pathology applications, the systems ensure robust diagnosis and discovery alongside ergonomic operation.

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013

At the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013 Meeting, Bruker introduces two new instruments which further expand its portfolio of high-performance tools for materials characterization in electron microscopes.

Workflow-orientated incubation for live cell imaging

Olympus continues to expand the capabilities of its IX3 inverted microscope frames with the launch of cellVivo - a new, modular and flexible incubation system, including darkroom and laser-safety capabilities.

Chemistry breakthrough sheds new light on illness and health

From microscopes to nuclear imaging scanners, imaging technology is growing ever more vital for the world's hospitals, whether for the diagnosis of illness or for research into new cures.

Siemens launches Artis one angiography system for universal use

At the upcoming annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, USA, Siemens will introduce a new angiography system optimized for a broad clinical utilization.

Ultra-flat glass bottom plates optimise imaging of growing cells

Porvair Sciences new generation Krystal™ glass bottom plates are precision manufactured using a proprietary process resulting in excellent light transmission and an ultra-flat optical plane (+/- 15µm) making them perfect for imaging growing cells.

New approach solves large molecular puzzles

Scientists at European Molecular Biology Laboratory have used super-resolution microscopy to solve a decade-long debate about the structure of the nuclear pore complex, which controls access to the genome by acting as a gate into the cell’s nucleus.





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