Tech Overtures: The Toyohashi Tech pH image sensor

The pH image sensor was invented by Kazuaki Sawada of Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech). The device enables two dimensional visualization of both the pH and optical imaging of chemical activity of solutions and cell activity.

Dyes give better photo-stability allowing more time for image capture

Cambridge Research Biochemicals signs agreement with Life Technologies to offer custom dye labelled antibodies

Image sensors for foreign object inspection

Hamamatsu back-illuminated InGaAs linear image sensors for food inspection

Design and automate image analysis protocols

Olympus cellSens Dimension Count and Measure Solution module for automated image analysis

IR-enhanced charged-coupled device image sensor

Hamamatsu Photonics' S11510 series suitable for Raman spectroscopy

Innovation in traditional foodstuffs harms image

Researchers have analysed the definitions of 'traditional food' and 'innovation' in order to predict the degree to which people will accept changes in the foods they eat.

Young girls worry about body image

Even before they start school, many young girls worry that they are fat. But a new study suggests watching a movie starring a stereotypically thin and beautiful princess may not increase children's anxieties.

Image created of Himalayan fault

An international team of researchers has created the most complete seismic image of the Earth's crust and upper mantle beneath the rugged Himalaya Mountains, in the process discovering some unusual geologic features that may explain how the region has evolved.

Scrambled light, sharper image

An imaging method developed by Princeton researchers could lead to lenses that show all parts of the scene at once in the same high detail.

Looking at live cells in the laboratory – the image solutions

Formed in 1993 by owner and MD Ian Corless, Image Solutions has carved a niche for itself as a consultancy capable of putting together the type of imaging packages demanded by cutting-edge researchers: particularly those who work with live cells.

Ensuring digital image analysis in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11

Dr. Manfred Kässens reports on how image analytical software has been adapted to meet the demands of the regulation entitled FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Advances in the automated image analysis of particles and cells

Particle shape and function are intimately linked. However, because of the lack of a universal shape analysis technique, the exact relationship between the two has been hard to define. As David Higgs explains, new technology is now likely to solve this problem.


The latest version Soft Imaging System's image analysing software ­ analySIS 3.1 ­ is now available.





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