Disease genes that followed the Silk Road identified

Scientists have identified key genes responsible for a severe inflammatory disease that has spread along the old silk trading routes from the Far East to the edge of Europe.

Pear Pest's Pheromone Identified

Scientists have jointly identified a key component of the female psylla's chemical sex attractant, or pheromone, which could set the stage for luring amorous males to their doom.

Degenerative disease trigger identified

A mechanism that regulates stem-cell differentiation in mice testes suggests a similar process that may trigger degenerative disease in humans, according to a physiologist.

Tumor mechanism identified

A team of researchers have for the first time identified a key mechanism that makes certain cells become tumorous in the brain.

Fruit fly pest identified in wine grapes

A newly recognised pest in Oregon continues to concern fruit growers and researchers with the recent discovery of a Spotted Wing Drosophila fly in a sample of Willamette Valley wine grapes.

New chromosomal abnormality identified in leukaemia

Researchers identified a new chromosomal abnormality in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) that appears to work in concert with another mutation to give rise to cancer. This latest anomaly is particularly common in children with Down syndrome.

C. difficile hypervirulence genes identified

Genetic regions have been identified that are unique to the most virulent strain of Clostridium difficile, the hospital superbug.

Protein identified as critical to insulating the body's wiring

A new protein identified as critical to insulating the wiring that connects the brain and body could one day be a treatment target for divergent diseases, from rare ones that lower the pain threshold to cancer.

New therapeutic target for melanoma identified

A protein called Mcl-1 plays a critical role in melanoma cell resistance to a form of apoptosis called anoikis, according to research published recently.

Cause of mussel poisoning identified

Eating mussels is a special treat for many people, although it is not completely without danger. The origin of the neurotoxin azaspiracid has finally been identified after a search for more than a decade.

Dangerous fungus identified

Scientists have provided the first description of a fungus responsible for the wilt of redbay trees along the coasts of the US.





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