From helium to hydrogen

Jack Cochran explains how to optimise for speed or match your original compound retention times via the use of a novel translator

Determining carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen percentage in liquid samples

Analysis can be done without sacrificing accuracy or precision and without the need for expensive liquid autosamplers

Routine CHN microanalysis of difficult sample types

Warwick Analytical Service (WAS) has developed a range of CHN microanalysis methodologies allowing them to routinely produce precise and accurate percentage Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen data from a range of difficult samples.

Easy-to-understand introduction to CHN microanalysis

CHN microanalysis is a key analytical technique for determining whether or not a sample is pure

Analyzing soil samples for percentage carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen

Application note 51 from Exeter Analytical Inc. illustrates how the Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen (CHN) content of soil samples can be precisely and reproducibly determined using their Model 440 Elemental Analyzer.

Monitoring hydrogen sulphide in bottled water products

Hydrogen sulphide should not be detectable in drinking water by either taste or odour. Michael Strahand reports

From microbe to hydrogen fuel

Scientists have investigated a means for enhancing the efficiency of clean energy production by using specialised bacteria.

Metal catalyst for generating hydrogen from water

Hydrogen would command a key role in future renewable energy technologies, experts agree, if a relatively cheap, efficient and carbon-neutral means of producing it can be developed.

Improving hydrogen storage properties

An international team of researchers has identified a new theoretical approach that may one day make the synthesis of hydrogen fuel storage materials less complicated and improve the thermodynamics and reversibility of the system.

Energy of molecular hydrogen

In an important first for a promising new technology, scientists have used a quantum computer to calculate the precise energy of molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen peroxide's link to living cells

If a circadian rhythm is like an orchestra - the united expression of the rhythms of millions of cells - a common chemical may serve as the conductor, or at least as the baton.

Hydrogen peroxide marshals immune system

Researchers have discovered that when the tail fins of these creatures are injured, a burst of hydrogen peroxide is released from the wound and into the surrounding tissue.

Use of hydrogen generators to supply the gas for laboratory use is on the increase

The use of hydrogen generators to supply hydrogen for laboratory use is becoming increasingly widespread.

Algae, hydrogen link

Scientists are working to chemically manipulate algae for production of the next generation of renewable fuels - hydrogen gas.

Buckyballs squeeze hydrogen

Material scientists have discovered that buckyballs are so strong they can hold volumes of hydrogen nearly as dense as those at the centre of Jupiter.





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