Human character detection

Sophisticated technology can tell if people are lying, disagreeing, curious, judgmental, passionate or nervous with high levels of accuracy

Medicyte and PRIMACYT receive grant to develop human liver cells for cell-based therapies

Medicyte, specializing in the generation of human primary cells based on the upcyte® technology, and PRIMACYT , specializing in long-term culturing of primary human hepatocytes, have received a 300k Euro grant from the BMBF to develop culturing methods of human hepatocytes for use in cell-based therapies.

Singapore scientists lead in 3D mapping of human genome to help understand human diseases

Genome Institute of Singapore has led a continuing study on the human genome spatial/structural configuration, revealing how genes interact/communicate and influence each other, even when they are located far away from each other.

Freeze drying of human red blood cells

SP Scientific has announced a new LyoLearn webinar entitled 'Freeze Drying of Human Blood Cells'

Synthetic modified mRNA for reprogramming of human cells

Non-mutagenic and efficient strategy for somatic cell reprogramming and directing cell fate

Chromatography medium for capture of human serum albumin

GE Healthcare launches Capto Blue affinity chromatography medium

Banning federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research 'would derail related work'

Scientists hope to understand and treat disease, and possibly to grow new tissues to replace diseased organs

Disease-specific human embryonic stem cell lines

University of Michigan joins a small handful of US universities that are creating disease-specific human embryonic stem cell lines

Human DNA experiment uses 200k digital array chip

The BioMark HD system is the latest and most advanced real-time PCR system developed by Fluidigm

Therapeutic and cell culture potential of recombinant human transferrin

InVitria’s recombinant human transferrin production technology shown to be significantly more cost-effective compared with alternatives

Recombinant human albumin used in its surgical sealant

Novozymes Biopharma's recombinant human albumin, albucult, is being used by Neomend in its ProGEL PLATINUM surgical sealant

Understanding how cell division mistakes lead to human disorders

Imsol’s DeltaVision Core is designed to increase a laboratory’s ability to image more probes and samples over longer periods of time

Animal-free preparation of human serum albumin

ecoHSA is an animal-free preparation of the human albumin gene produced in the seeds of Asian Rice

Extensive range of purified full length human proteins

Proteins come affinity purified and are guaranteed to be greater than 80 per cent pure making them ideal for use as native antigens for optimised antibody production

Plan to sequence 100,000 human genomes by 2014

PacBio RS to support studies on rare variant, and structural variations and methylation patterns

New hypothesis for human evolution, nature

A paleoanthropologist argues that the human-animal connection goes well beyond simple affection and proposes that the interdependency of ancestral humans with other animal species played a crucial and beneficial role in human evolution.

Human bird brains

A new study finds that a comparable region in the brains of chickens concerned with analyzing auditory inputs is constructed similarly to that of mammals.

Sequencing of the human body louse genome

The results of the sequencing and analysis of the human body louse genome offer new insights into the intriguing biology of this disease-vector insect.

Human impacts on ocean chemistry

Numerous studies are documenting the growing effects of climate change, carbon dioxide, pollution and other human-related phenomena on the world's oceans. But most of those have studied isolated sources of pollution.

Site of human evolution was scorching

According to scientists, the need to stay cool in that cradle of human evolution may relate, at least in part, to why pre-humans learned to walk upright, lost the fur that covered the bodies of their predecessors and became able to sweat more.






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