Eco-friendly cooling

Eco-friendly cooling with OLÉ Chillers

Low-cost cooler for laboratory use

Typical applications include the removal of process heat or temperature control for pipetting elements and bioreactors

New temperature control solutions at ACHEMA

Huber Kältemaschinenbau shows new range of temperature control solutions for research laboratories

Flexible approach to cooling

Immersion coolers provide flexible cooling down to -100 °C

Low cost temperature control for laboratories

Heating and cooling circulators for temperature applications from -30°C to 200°C

HUBER high precision thermoregulation in laboratories

HUBER Petite Fleur®, Ministat® and Minichiller® are environmentally friendly and cost-effective thermoregulation machines charged with natural refrigerants, perfectly suited for laboratories

Chiller reduces water consumption and improves process efficiencies

Reduces water consumption to zero, offering a chilled water supply with environmentally friendly refrigeration for a variety of laboratory applications

Huber RotaCool chiller now reduced in price

The only chiller specially designed for cooling rotary evaporators. Highest cooling capacity at minimal bench space – now for 20 percent less!





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