Breakthrough opens path to new vaccine for HIV

A CEA-Leti breakthrough has opened the path to a new vaccine for using lipid-nanoparticle-delivery technology

New point-of-care diagnostic solution introduced

Abbott introduces new point-of-care test, the m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Viral Load (VL), at AIDS 2018 Amsterdam

Tech that helps limit the spread of HIV

Advances in biosensor technology could limit the spread of HIV

Breakthrough lecture on fight against HIV

Liverpool transmits HIV breakthrough with life science specialists

Monitoring HIV drug resistance

New technology supports HIV-1 drug resistance surveillance in resource-limited countries

Nucleic acid testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea

Early study highlights benefits of point-of-care test into genitourinary medicine clinics

CE Marking for world’s only integrated HIV self-test

Test will be available commercially during 2018 via retail, e-commerce and public health channels

HIV self-testing

Atomo Diagnostics receives grant to develop new, innovative diagnostic test

Infectious diseases: remove market barriers to new treatments

Report highlights barriers - including high prices, patents, and the lack of adapted formulations

Avahan Aids initiative may have prevented 600,000 HIV infections in India over 10 years

A programme funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation may have saved around 600,000 people in India from becoming infected with HIV over the course of a decade, according to a new report.

New indicator diseases reveal hidden HIV

An international study under the leadership of the HIV in Europe initiative has now revealed that a number of diseases, including herpes zoster and certain forms of cancer, should be on the list of indicators for HIV.

World continues to backtrack on HIV treatment

Activists at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna are charging developed and developing country governments with writing checques that bounce to the millions of people in need of lifesaving HIV treatment.

Criminalisation of drugs and drug users fuels HIV

Strict laws on the criminalisation of drug use and drug users are fuelling the spread of HIV and other serious harms associated with the criminal market and should be reviewed, say experts.

Original HIV Infection Lurks Within

Scientists have been surprised to learn that, despite thousands of changes that viruses like HIV undergo in rapid fashion to evade the body's immune system, the original version that caused the infection is still present in the body months later.

Viral protein structure study offers HIV hope

The UK's National Physical Laboratory is involved in a collaborative project that is helping to further the understanding of HIV viral protein structure which could lead to new molecular medicines.

Improving HIV treatment

When applied to HIV care, the community-based model of directly observed therapy (DOT) has no effect on virologic outcomes, but significantly improves patient survival.

Alcohol linked to faster HIV disease progression

HIV disease tends to progress at a faster rate in infected individuals who consume two or more alcoholic drinks a day, according to an important new paper.

Novel class of antibodies inhibits HIV infection

Scientists have identified a set of naturally occurring antibodies that can block one of the key ways the AIDS virus gains entry into certain blood cells.

Structure of key protein in common HIV subgroup

Scientists have provided the first-ever glimpse of the structure of a key protein-gp120-found on the surface of a specific subgroup of the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV-1.

T-cells may limit HIV vaccine success

Like a skittish driver slamming the brakes, a special class of T cells may be limiting the effectiveness of therapeutic vaccines for HIV by slowing the immune system response too soon, scientists report.






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