Fast, high-speed cell imaging takes centre stage

As the latest innovations demonstrate, cell imaging continues to play a key role in the development of the life sciences industry. And speed is key, as Sean Ottewell finds out

Optimised imaging systems for high-speed analysis

Imaging technologies are now even more optimised to meet the laboratory's main requirements: ease of use and swift analysis of results, Sean Ottewell reports

High-speed genetic sequencing

Faster sequencing of DNA holds enormous potential for biology and medicine, particularly for personalised diagnosis and customised treatment based on each individual's genomic makeup.

Market focuses on high-speed, high-reproducibility arrays

Competition is fierce in the high-speed array market as 2009 sees a whole raft of new technologies launched onto the market. Sean Ottewell reports.

Development in high-speed optical transmission systems

Even in the current economic downturn, the internet continues to experience exponential growth in data traffic. In order to accommodate and promote this growth we need not just higher capacity systems but ones that significantly reduced acost-per-bit-transmitted'. Harry J R Dutton and Andros Payne report.





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