New higher specifications for Melting Point Apparatus

Electrothermal’s IA9000 series Melting Point Apparatus and budget-priced digital Mel-Temp® offer upgraded performance, excellent ergonomics and a compact design.

Higher quality packaging for sliced meat

APET thermoformed trays from Færch Plast can either be sealed with lids or packed in sealed bags

Study backs screening men at higher genetic risk of prostate cancer

Men at higher risk of prostate cancer due to genetic changes may benefit from regular screening, according to preliminary results from the first multinational study

How did higher life evolve?

Scientists have for the first time determined the complete genome sequence of a brown alga and opened a new door to the understanding of multicellularity and photosynthesis.

Staples lead to higher risk of infection

Using metal staples to close wounds after orthopaedic (joint) surgery can lead to a greater risk of infection than using traditional nylon sutures, concludes a study.

Innovative analytical technology for higher efficiency

The hi-tech startup Anagnostics Bioanalysis develops analytical technologies for routine applications in drug discovery and medical research.

Postmenopausal women with higher testosterone levels

Postmenopausal women who have higher testosterone levels may be at greater risk of heart disease, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome compared to women with lower testosterone levels.

Higher drug doses needed to defeat tuberculosis

The typical dose of a medication considered pivotal in treating tuberculosis effectively is much too low to account for modern-day physiques.

Higher productivity liquid handling

INTEGRA has announced that it will be displaying liquid handling systems and consumables designed to increase your productivity at SLAS 2013 - one of the world's largest laboratory automation and screening trade shows.

Higher volume 96-format sample storage tubes

Micronic has launched a new 2.00ml storage tube that uniquely combines higher sample storage capacity and absolute sample traceability in an industry-standard 96-tube rack format.

Spinal taps carry higher risks for infants

An X-ray-guided spinal tap procedure fails more than half of the time in young infants and should be used sparingly, if at all, for those patients, according to a new study.





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