Combined oral contraceptive pill helps painful periods

A large Scandinavian study, that has been running for 30 years, has finally provided convincing evidence that the combined oral contraceptive pill does, indeed, alleviate the symptoms of painful menstrual periods reports scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Genevac concentrator helps sports drug testing lab accelerate sample preparation

Genevac has announced an applications report that details how its miVac Duo sample concentrator has been used by a leading testing laboratory to develop a new sample preparation method to help curb sports doping.

Access array technology helps uncover mutations

Fluidigm access array technology helps identify mutations in leukemia

Smart device GPS technology helps predict infection spread

Specialists using 'geo' information to record the nature and frequency of interactions to understand how infections spread

Imaging technology helps understand how cell division mistakes lead to human disorders

System takes 60 images through 300nm-thick slices of living tissue in just 30 seconds

Anti-clotting drug helps bedridden patients

A treatment plan used to prevent potentially dangerous blood clots in recovering surgical patients can also benefit some patients immobilized by acute medical illness, doctors have found in a multi-institutional study.

Component helps plants go green

A team of researchers from Duke University and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has found a central part in the machinery that turns plants green when they sense light.

Eating like a bird helps forests grow

A new study examines complex interactions in the middle of the pyramid, where birds, bats and lizards consume insects.

Analysis helps spot sugarcane rusts

Scientists have analyzed rust fungi from more than 160 sugarcane samples from 25 countries to provide a valuable resource for plant breeders and pathologists.

Flu vaccine helps protect wider community

Results of a clinical trial show that immunising children against seasonal influenza can significantly protect unvaccinated community members against influenza as well.

Learning helps keep brain healthy

Neurobiologists are providing the first visual evidence that learning promotes brain health - and, therefore, that mental stimulation could limit the debilitating effects of ageing on memory and the mind.

New system helps explain salmon migration

A new acoustic telemetry system tracks the migration of juvenile salmon using one-tenth as many fish as comparable methods, suggests a paper.

Critical protein helps mend damaged DNA

In order to preserve our DNA, cells have developed an intricate system for monitoring and repairing DNA damage.

Scaffolding helps grow skin in labs

Scientists are developing new scaffolding technology which could be used to grow tissues such as skin, nerves and cartilage using 3D spaghetti-like structures.

How manuka honey helps fight infection

Cardiff investigated the mechanisms of manuka honey action and found that its anti-bacterial properties were not due solely to the sugars present in the honey.

Sleep helps memory formation

A research team has pinpointed for the first time the mechanism that takes place during sleep that causes learning and memory formation to occur.

AI helps diagnose cardiac infections

Mayo Clinic researchers say that "teachable software" designed to mimic the human brain may help them diagnose cardiac infections without an invasive exam.

Special protein helps maintain an efficient brain

The instruction manual for maintaining an efficient brain may soon include a section on synaptotagmin-IV (Syt-IV), a protein known to influence learning and memory.

Calibration of autoclaves helps remove uncertainties

Why bother with calibration and performance qualification testing of autoclaves? Peter Melling explains why, in this litigious age, it is worth the bother.

Application guide helps to find the right chiral separation approach

When faced with a new chiral molecule the chromatographer has to find the right column to quickly and reliably separate enantiomers.






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