Exercise boosts diversity of gut bacteria

Exercise boosts the diversity of the bacteria found in the gut, indicates the first study of its kind published online in the journal Gut

Infectious diseases: remove market barriers to new treatments

Report highlights barriers - including high prices, patents, and the lack of adapted formulations

New research tool means more patient-focused treatments

Patients across England could benefit from an increase in the number of focused treatment studies, thanks to a new tool being used in health research.

Men with incurable prostate cancer living for twice as long as decade ago

Patients with advanced prostate cancer treated with the latest therapies are living on average for more than twice as long as a decade ago, a striking new analysis reveals.

Higher incidence of morbidity in obese children in Sweden than in Germany

More than one in six children in Sweden who are obese also have pre-diabetes. This has been demonstrated in a large study of more than 35,000 children from Sweden and Germany conducted at Karolinska Institutet and published in the scientific periodical International Journal of Obesity.

Insights into how brain compensates for recurring hearing loss point to new glue ear therapies

Important new insights into how the brain compensates for temporary hearing loss during infancy, such as that commonly experienced by children with glue ear, are revealed in a research study in ferrets.

Health economics assessment of antimicrobial copper for infection control

A unique health economics assessment of copper’s role in preventing healthcare-associated infections is being presented this week at the WHO’s International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control in Geneva, demonstrating rapid payback on the capital investment.

New malaria test kit gives a boost to elimination efforts worldwide

A new, highly sensitive blood test that quickly detects even the lowest levels of malaria parasites in the body could make a dramatic difference in efforts to tackle the disease in the UK and across the world.

NanoKTN supports regenerative medicine development

UK regenerative medicine platform (UKRMP) safety hub announced

Putting the humanity back into healthcare

An innovative study led by The University of Nottingham is to investigate whether arts and humanities can help improve the mental health and well-being of patients and carers alike.

Microscopic dust particles found in underground railways may pose health risk

New research has found that working or travelling on an underground railway for a sustained period of time could have health implications

GE Healthcare launches TALON

GE Healthcare launches TALON chromatography media in convenient pre-packed formats for high purity separation of histidine-tagged proteins.

Chromatrap technology assists development of pediatric healthcare

Children's Research Institute research programmes target discoveries and cures in diseases that affect children

GE Healthcare Launches HiScale Columns in 26 and 50 sizes

Easy-to-use empty columns for robust process development and preparative chromatography

GE Healthcare Launches Biacore 4000

GE Healthcare is launching Biacore 4000, a powerful solution for large-scale, label-free molecular interaction analysis in drug discovery, from early screening to characterisation.

Bayer HealthCare announces a new blood glucose monitoring system

Bayer HealthCare introduces Contour® XT blood glucose meter and Contour® NEXT test strips with next generation testing technology to help people with diabetes get quick and accurate results






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