Digitalising bed management

How touch screen technology can reduce hospital bed waiting times. Adrian Swindells reports

Top loading autoclaves

Targets food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, healthcare sectors as well as dedicated research establishments

Batteries for use in critical medical devices

The new smart battery, aimed predominately at the medical sector, delivers a higher performance than traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries and is much more lightweight

Wireless peripherals in healthcare

HMicro licenses and deploys CEVA Wi-Fi IP for healthcare and IoT devices

Energy efficient autoclaves

For laboratory managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare

Healthcare: designing products that meet specific industry requirements

Anthony Robinson looks at the way customer needs impact device design and the innovation required

Autoclaves suited to sterilising larger bulky items

Of interest to laboratory managers sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare

Go-Less Easing Symptoms Of Female Overactive Bladder

A recently published clinical study shows that Go-Less is an effective natural ingredient that helps to improve the quality of life in women by reducing the symptoms of overactive bladder.

Maintenance-free lifting columns

Lifting columns that are self-supporting and height adjustable, compact and pre-aligned for easy installation. Gerard Bush reports

Inventor unveils cheap and simple medical device with potential to save 1million lives

An award-winning inventor has unveiled a cheap and easy to use medical device, which he believes could save more than 1million lives each year.

GE Healthcare launches new software to expand Biacore T200’s capabilities for highly sensitive, focused screening

Biacore™* T200 Software v.2.0 enhances the capabilities of Biacore T200, offering researchers a flexible and powerful tool for efficient processing of molecular interaction data.

Healthcare deficiencies for people with intellectual disability

Deficiencies in healthcare and inadequate health promotion are just two of the causes of health inequalities for people with intellectual disability

Cherwell supports pharmig disinfectant implementation seminar

Cherwell Laboratories will be exhibiting their range of specialist products for environmental monitoring and process validation at Pharmig’s “How to successfully implement a disinfectant into the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics & NHS Industries” seminar.

Developing healthcare robotics

The development of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence technologies have received a major boost with more than £17.3 million of investment

Automation to nurse issues in the US healthcare sector

Automation is beginning to take over the healthcare industry, as it struggles with a considerable shortage of nurses to cater to a high demand market - with expectations of a shortage of approx. 260,000 nurses by 2025

X-ray technique could improve bomb detection and breast cancer treatment

Compared with conventional X-rays, the technology can, for example, identify tumours in living tissue earlier and spot smaller cracks and defects in materials

Wireless automated monitoring for food manufacturers

Internet of Things sensors increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure food hygiene standards are continually met

Top loader autoclave

Priorclave’s new 85 litre chamber autoclave will have applications across dairy, food, healthcare, health, pharmaceutical sectors






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