Multipurpose Liquid Handling Instrument

INTEGRA has announced VIAFILL™ - a ground breaking new product that delivers high performance bulk reagent dispensing, multichannel pipetting and microplate washing capabilities all from a single multipurpose instrument.

Robotic autosampler for preparation and handling

High-precision sample-handling capabilities eliminate the need for extensive manual labour

Making the switch from manual to automated specimen handling

Robotics and smart conveying are streamlining specimen handling at one of the largest medical testing laboratories in the US, capable of storing 2.3 million samples and processing 4000 specimens per hour. Jim McMahon reports

Peristaltic pump simplifies challenging liquid handling tasks

Software mode allows users to create their own personalised liquid handling protocols

Desktop liquid handling instrument

Industrial labs seeking to move from handheld pipettes towards computer-controlled analysis systems and robotics

Small footprint automated liquid handling system

Uses high-accuracy pipette heads for dispensing from 100nl to 200ul in 96, 384, and 1536 well formats

Freedom EVO liquid handling platform with Adaptive Focused Acoustics

Tecan's Freedom EVO liquid handling platform will have integrated Covaris’ Adaptive Focused Acoustics

Eliminating the difficulties in handling adhesive sealing films

The glued surface of the seal can easily stick to a glove rather than the microplate

Powder Fluidization and Handling

Porvair Filtration Group offers an extensive range of high performance materials enabling it to provide an optimal solution to solve most fluidisation applications.

Better handling of milk suggested

One-third of samples of milk and dairy products analysed in various restaurants exceed the microbe contamination limits set by the European Union, according to a study carried out by researchers.

Brain's handling of low-priority ideas

A recently released study offers evidence that genetics plays a role in this back-burner setup, which has been shown to be abnormal in a variety of psychiatric disorders.

Safely Handling and Preparing a Turkey

With the holiday season just around the corner, food scientists are offering suggestions on how to keep your turkey free from germs.

Micro to millilitre liquid handling

Integra has announced that it is now able to offer a complete range of handheld pipetting systems offering accurate liquid handling.

MICROLAB STAR Liquid Handling Workstation

The STAR line workstations are based on superior air displacement pipetting technology. This increases accuracy and repeatability while providing chain of custody with pipette condition monitoring and recording.

Streamlining cell culture liquid handling

Successful manipulation of cell cultures relies on the ability to maintain sterility and to avoid cross-contamination between cell lines.

Improved chemical handling

Micronic Europe BV has announced that Specs has deployed the Tracker TRxD Single Tube Scanner in its laboratories to improve handling and processing of chemical compounds.

Egg yolk handling challenge is met by peristaltic pump technology

A food processing company has turned to peristaltic pumping technology in order to meet the demand to pump 60000 egg yolks every day - with as few breakages as possible. In doing so its success rate leapt from 20 per cent to 70 per cent. Sean Ottewell reports.

Compact robotic handling the packaging of mushy peas

At the Derbyshire, UK, factory of Lockwoods, a manufacturer of frozen mushy peas with an annual throughput of 4000tonnes, Motoman robots have taken over packing of bags into cartons in one of two cells serving the palletising area, which itself was robotised in 1998.

Flexible liquid handling combined with robotic manipulation for high-throughput

To meet requirements in the modern laboratory, a robotic system needs to be flexible, fast, accessible and easily integrated.

Precision needle tips for liquid handling systems

Sampling needles and dispensing probes are a vital part of any liquid handling system.






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