New scientific CMOS camera

Hamamatsu Photonics launches product that combines the benefits of EMCCD and sCMOS in one camera without the compromise

Compact spectrometer launched

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed its smallest grating spectrometer, offering high sensitivity, compact size, light weight and low cost

New sCMOS technology rolled out

Multiple ROI readout and exposure cycles are now decoupled

New CMOS linear image sensor

Hamamatsu launches latest sensor, specially designed for spectrometry applications

High brightness deuterium light source module

Hamamatsu has launched its first H2D2 light source, suitable for a range of applications

Bringing telepathology to your fingertips

Hamamatsu introduces the NanoZoomer SQ, the latest addition to its slide scanner range

High-speed mini-spectrometer module

High-sensitivity and high-speed mini-spectrometer module from Hammamatsu

New heating mechanism for fusion fuel

Hamamatsu’s joint research advances the practical use of laser fusion





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