Evaporation guide

Solvent removal expert produces guide entitled Introduction to Evaporation

Short guide to 3D cell culture

A new informative booklet entitled ‘Short Guide to 3D Cell Culture’ has been produced by AMSBIO. Drawing upon a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of 3D cell culture procedures and formats the guide is aimed at assisting research scientists looking to culture cells in more physiologically relevant environments.

Practical guide to clinical anaerobic microbiology now available

Anaerobic microbiology specialist, Don Whitley Scientific (DWS) has launched a new publication ‘An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Microbiology’. This guide enables the reader to isolate and identify 12 commonly occurring clinically important anaerobic bacteria

Microplate chemical compatibility reference guide

Reference guide for scientists that details the chemical compatibility of materials used in microplates to a wide range of common laboratory chemicals

Membrane Filter - Performance Validation Guide

Porvair Filtration Group, a leader in filtration and separation technologies, has developed a new 24-page validation guide for its Fluorofil membrane cartridges.

Your Guide to General Practice 2009/2010

The latest issue of this Information Wall Chart provides mandatory healthcare guidelines for Group Practices and Medical Centres.

Lab equipment: Definitive guide to speciality gases

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, today announced the publication of its authoritative text to speciality gases.

Application guide helps to find the right chiral separation approach

When faced with a new chiral molecule the chromatographer has to find the right column to quickly and reliably separate enantiomers.

Guide to biodegradable polymers

Biodegradable polymers are gaining popularity, for instance, in agricultural applications such as mulch films, flowerpots and controlled-release fertilisers, and in packaging items such as carrier bags and food wrapping and containers.

A brief guide to quantitative analysis of electrophoresis gels

Dr Paul N Goulding discusses some of the important aspects of getting anumbers from pictures' ­ that is quantitative gel analysis.





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