Microarray scanner offers greater sensitivity

Researchers can continuously load microarray slides while the instrument is operating

HPLC Columns promise greater consistency

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has announced the new Thermo Scientific Syncronis HPLC column range

Greater environmental protection from monitoring lower levels of contaminants

Next generation calibration gas mixtures are essential to enable new air quality analysis technologies. Stephen Harrison reports.

Agriculture in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Nations of the Greater Mekong Subregion need to 'rethink' their agricultural industries to meet future food needs, given the social shifts and climate changes that are forecast for the coming decades.

Greater health self-sufficiency on isolated island

At the Princess Elizabeth Hospital on Guernsey, two cobas 6000 analysers, linked to Modular Pre-Analytics, from Roche are helping the hospital's laboratory increase efficiency and become more self-sufficient.

Biogenerics market poised for greater development as blockbuster patents expire

The biogenerics market, long hindered by a lack of regulatory framework, is now showing signs of development.

Greater risk of drink-related death

Alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales are twice as high among people born in Scotland or Ireland compared with the rest of the population, a study has shown.





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