Robotic advanced X-ray device

Multitom Rax heralds new era in diagnostic imaging, says GlobalData

Bionic eye developments indicate bright future for ocular medical devices

Announcement that Alpha IMS device has granted two patients a degree of vision restoration puts maker Retina Implant AG ahead of the pack in the bionic eye space

US diagnostic X-ray systems market to grow to $1.1bn by 2020

The majority of US sales will be generated by timely replacements of X-ray systems, says GlobalData

China’s diagnostic X-ray imaging market to hit $1bn by 2020

This expansion 'will be attributable to the transition from analogue to digital X-ray systems, as well as to an overall increase in the sales of systems,’ says analyst

Spinal fusion market value in China to grow to $665m by 2020

Growth due to increasing procedure volumes, ‘resulting from favourable reimbursement levels and patients’ willingness to undergo surgery with minimally invasive techniques,’ says analyst





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