Genetics: Exploring microbial genomics standards

If researchers would embrace the world of possibilities that lie beyond the present anthropocentric focus and would also institute shared standards for genomic data collection and analysis.

Computational biology ­ with genomics as the new internet

With interests stretching from palaeontology to gastronomy and a background in theoretical and mathematical physics, Nathan Myhrvold is not a man to leave a stone unturned. After working with Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, he ended up as chief technology officer with Microsoft before retiring in 2000 to set up technology commercialisation firm Intellectual Values.

Whole genome microarray for comparative genomics

Even within one species of bacteria, genetic content can vary by as much as 25 per cent between individual strains.

Using genomics to help improve contaminant identification

Discovering why some foods spoil and how bacteria survive heat treatments designed to preserve our produce has got one step closer Being able to identify contaminants accurately, and early on, could allow us to buy crunchier vegetables and less highly processed food in the future according to the researchers.

Functional genomics: mouse models and DNA chips in drug discovery

Until now, most of the attention in genomics has been on sequencing. But in functional genomics sequence information alone is not enough to lead to important new drug and diagnostic discoveries. It is critical to understand how genes work, how and when they are expressed and what roles they play in health and disease. By Klaus Kristensen and Torben F Ørntoft.

Tecan solutions for genomics and drug discovery

Tecan, one of the leaders in laboratory automation solutions, has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your needs. Its wide product range includes touchscreen-operated microplate readers, multi-label readers, washers and pipetting instruments. Tecan products are user-friendly, flexible and fully modular, so you can start with a small system, then expand and upgrade it as and when you need to. Tecan will customise workstations and complex integrated multi-robot systems to your exact requirements for genomics, drug discovery and other fields.

Single Cell Genomics

The Broad Institute and Fluidigm Corporation have announced the launch of a new research center dedicated to accelerating the development of research methods and discoveries in mammalian single-cell genomics. The Single-Cell Genomics Center is also expected to act as a hub for collaboration among single-cell genomics researchers in many pioneering fields, including stem cells and cancer biology.






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