Low volume storage tube for genomic applications

Micronic launches the 0.30ml tube with external thread that enables miniaturisation of reaction volume required in genomic applications

Free public database of exclusive genomic information

Sigma Life Science's SAGE Labs initiative has partnered with Cofactor Genomics in an effort to sequence genomes for six of the most widely used strains of rat

Advanced high definition genomic analysis system

BioMark HD System is designed for researchers who require the sensitivity and throughput needed to study gene expression down to the single-cell level

Automation tools to keep pace with genomic sample processing needs

Reducing sample processing time and increasing number of samples processed while cutting amount of sample-to-sample variability

Tools to Study Genomic Instability

AMSBIO has announced a new second generation PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay that accurately measures net poly (ADP-ribose) levels in cellular extracts and has been used to document differences in PAR levels in human tumour lysates from a variety of tissues, organs and xenografts.

Large-scale genomic sequencing of microbes and ecosystems

Scientists can gain insights into new ways to use microorganisms in medicine and manufacturing through a coordinated large-scale effort to sequence the genomes of not just individual microorganisms but entire ecosystems.

Polymerase chain reaction now key tool in genomic discovery

Software developed specifically for high-resolution melt analysis enables examination of the melt curves for genotyping and mutation scanning. Viresh Patel, reports.

Automated genomic sample preparation

A new eSeminar entitled 'Automating Genomics Applications on Bravo Workstations' has been announced by Agilent Automation Solutions.

Standards for a new genomic era

A team of geneticists has recently proposed a set of standards designed to elucidate the quality of publicly available genetic sequencing information.

New reagents for genomic engineering

The ability to specifically target and modify genes in the mouse allows researchers to use the small rodent to study how certain genes contribute to human disease. A new set of tools makes this easier.

Genetics: New map of genomic variations

Genetics researchers have unveiled a powerful new resource for scientists and health providers studying human illnesses - a reference standard of deletions and duplications of DNA found in the human genome.

Genomic analysis of prion genes

The homologues of human disease genes are expected to contribute to better understanding of physiological and pathogenic processes.

Triplex assay for samples with human duplex genomic DNA

Triplex nucleic acids have attracted attention due to their potential regulation of DNA transcription, replication, recombination, chromosome packing, and potential applications in gene therapy.

genomic DNA FROM HUMAN BLOOD: purification Sample preparation made simple WITH KIT

The latest addition to a range of QuickPick kits from Bio-Nobile Oy is a kit for the purification of genomic DNA from human blood.

Detection refined as genomic and proteomics investigations advance

From Dutch researchers who are combining surface plasmon resonance imaging with microfluidics to large companies pioneering ultra fast genetic analysis techniques, efforts to understand what DNA does at a molecular level have never been more intense.

Study reveals how ancient viruses became genomic ‘superspreaders’

Scientists have uncovered clues as to how our genomes became riddled with viruses. The study, supported by the Wellcome Trust, reveals important information about the so–called ‘dark matter’ of our genome.





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