Hybrid drying technique

Hybrid drying technique using LyoSpeed system generates powder samples from HPLC fractions

Avoiding residual solvent when drying HPLC fractions

Driven by the requirement for completely dry samples, pharmaceutical compound handling groups are increasingly using SP Scientific’s Genevac LyoSpeed, a hybrid process combining conventional centrifugal evaporation and lyophilisation, as their preferred method for drying HPLC reverse-phase solvent fractions

Safe evaporative sample preparation

Case study on evaporative sample preparation of high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Evaporator aids forensic science

Genevac’s EZ-2 Series centrifugal evaporator is being used by a growing number of forensic science labs as a sample preparation tool

Benchtop centrifugal evaporator launched

Intuitive third-generation benchtop centrifugal evaporator introduced by Genevac

Doubling the speed of microplate sample evaporation

New data shows how heat transfer plates improve evaporation results when drying microplate samples

Evaporator case study

Low-temperature evaporator improves natural product extraction

Safe evaporation under inert atmosphere

New evaporators with inert gas purge option launched

Introduction to evaporation

Genevac has published an informative 24-page Introduction to Evaporation guide

Improving sample preparation productivity

Case study on how French firm has improved its clinical pathology sample prep

Clinical pathology lab improves productivity

Eurofins Biomnis improves sample preparation at its clinical pathology lab

Sample preparation for neonatal screening

Genevac reports on how its hydrochloric acid (HCl) resistant EZ-2 evaporator offers considerable benefits to clinical labs tasked with analysing plasma, blood or urine samples for neonatal disorders.

In newborn infants, tandem Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) is a widely used analytical technique to identify metabolic neonatal disorders that include aminoacidemia's, urea cycle disorders, organic acidurias, and fatty acid oxidation disease. 

Efficient concentration of nucleic acids

Purpose-designed centrifugal sample concentrator

Rapid sample-safe evaporation of large solvent volumes

Compact in design the Rocket Synergy is optimised to dry or concentrate six flasks in parallel, each containing up to 450ml of solvent

Improve sample lyophilisation

Difficult to handle aqueous/organic solvent mixtures can be removed to produce a clean lyophilised sample

Space saving laboratory evaporator

The evaporator is equipped with high performance features that prevent foaming, bumping and cross contamination

Determining antibiotic residues in foodstuffs

Genevac EZ-2 evaporator estimated to save the laboratory 2-3 hours per day that previously was spent on evaporation tasks

Safe evaporation of solutions containing hydrochloric acid

When synthesising and purifying organic molecules, hydrochloric acid can be a very useful reagent

Accelerating sample preparation for determination of water toxins

Preparation method helps simplify and accelerate the detection and quantitation of algal toxins in surface water

Biological sample concentrator

Genevac announces the second generation version of its miVac centrifugal sample concentrator range that features a sleek new look






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