Automation and the Next Generation Sequencing Workflow

Next generation sequencing has changed genomics, enabling entire genomes to be sequenced more efficiently

Quantum move toward next generation computing

Physicists have developed a system for measuring the energy involved in adding electrons to semi-conductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots.

Next generation of microelectronics

As the electronics industry works toward developing smaller and more compact devices, the need to create new types of scaled-down semiconductors that are more efficient and use less power has become essential.

Next Generation Smart Camera Technology

Easy to use and inexpensive, DALSA's new BOA leverages the full breadth and depth of DALSA's design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise including sensor, camera, image-processing and vision software development to deliver the next generation in smart camera technology.

Next Generation Microplate Labeller

Agilent Automation Solutions has introduced a new microplate labelling system for automated on-demand, barcode print-and-apply applications in life science laboratories.

Bottling plant cuts compressed air generation costs and emissions

An energy efficiency improvement programme at a bottling plant has resulted in substantial energy savings and a positive impact on carbon emissions.

Total makeover produces a new generation of spiral freezers

Gyrocompact spiral freezers set new standards for performance and cleanability when they were introduced in 1978 by Frigoscandia Equipment AB of Helsingborg, Sweden.

Next generation temperature control

Radleys has announced the launch of a new generation of Huber Ministat thermoregulators combining compactness, high performance and operational flexibility.

Joint initiative aims to accelerate next generation drug discovery

Drug discovery is an extremely lengthy and costly process. On average, it takes new treatments nearly US$1b and 12 years to reach the market ­ and those are just the ones that succeed.

Prokarium receives grant to develop next generation vaccines

A consortium comprising vaccine developer Prokarium Ltd and the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Microbiology and Infection has received an award for 'advancing the industrial application of synthetic biology'.

Protomold - A shot in the arm for next generation diagnostics

Bacterial endotoxin contamination is an issue all medical device manufacturers need to be aware of. Clinical implants, and all vaccines and drugs delivered by injection, have to meet strict guidelines to ensure that they are free of toxin. Releasing contaminated product to market risks product recalls, fines, and even closure of manufacturing plants.





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